Turning your side hustle into your main hustle isn’t easy.
We know, because we’ve done it ourselves.

Being a Creative means putting yourself out there, but sometimes raw talent and drive isn’t enough to get you where you want to go.

It’s near impossible for young creatives to get funding — private financial institutions have never favored creators and artists. A lack of resources, absence of mentorship and little to no financial support can make it harder to take your creative passions to the next level.

So we created the Herschel Supply Bank of Creativity.

A bank that does what other banks don’t: support creatives.

For two days in July 2022, emerging Creatives could apply for an appointment at our bank in Brooklyn, New York. Successful applicants were offered a one hour session with one of our three advisors, Olivia, Sophia and Danny — young established artists who are recognized and respected in their fields. During one hour sessions, they offered thoughtful and impactful advice based on their own struggles and successes.

“It wasn't that long ago that I was in the position of the people that I'm talking to. So it's really cool to come from a perspective of knowing how possible everybody's dreams are in the very near future.” 

– Danny Cole, Advisor

Applicants also received career boosting resources and supplies such as camera equipment, art supplies, computers and studio spaces. As a champion of Creatives, the Herschel Supply Bank of Creativity provided them with real mentorship and tools to help them launch their careers and continue chasing their passions. 

“After I got so many of these amazing gifts, I can now say no to bad jobs” 

– Chassidy David, Artist and Filmmaker

Our Creatives

Kirsten Pardo

Film Director

LeAnne Chan


Chassidy David

Artist & Filmmaker

Ashley Pusey

Candle Maker

Alexandra Shuford

Visual Storyteller

Zino Haro

Fashion Designer

Amos Reece III


Liah Paterson

Multidisciplinary Artist

Kalena P Burwell


and more creatives..

Susy Sanchez, Fragrance and Make Up Creator

Lē Matthew, Founder and Designer for Degrade Center

Prinita Theverajah, Glass Maker

Sarah Landrigan, Sculptor

Chris Hamberger, DJ and Graphic Designer

Joyce Stephanie Rodriguez, Graphic Designer

Lyndsey Torres, Multidisciplinary Artist

Colby Cierra Corly, Painter

Julian Paik, Baker

We gifted all Herschel Supply products on display in the Bank of Creativity to BKBNK.INC — over 150 bags. This community based 501c3 nonprofit organization, also known as The Brooklyn Bank, fosters financial independence among communities of color through teaching financial literacy.

You can find out more about them here.

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